2020 is in the books!

(Remember, my 2020 didn’t start until Monday the 6th). My first day of the year got off to a great start with the joining of a new member. I spent several hours last week cleaning out a rental house, moving furniture and setting up a garage sale, that was a nice break from the normal routine. Participated in two and facilitated two very productive WAM! Meetings. It’s rewarding to watch the members becoming more and more engaged in each other’s businesses, dissecting the topics of the month, supporting each other and helping to hold each other accountable. I also hosted a goal setting workshop and that too was very fulfilling. You can’t help but get excited when you see people mapping out their futures.

I was able to visit with an old friend while smoking my pipe, shot pool, ate and had a drink with another and then of a cup of coffee and a treat with yet another. One of my goals this year is to connect deeper with many of my friends. All that, in still squeezed in two date nights with my best friend Michele.

All this amazing weather yet, I did slack big time on myself physically this week. Since last Monday’s crossfit training the only thing I did was a 3.5 mile run on the mountain bike trails yesterday and then another crossfit training today. I will be hitting the gym and running more this week. I would really love it if some of you would join me and help hold me accountable to myself before I start getting back into my old habits.

I’m going to talk about habits in the tip of the week. For now though, simply wishing you a great week and I hope to connect with you more soon!