A second week in a row with no bad news! A bit of a different week for me. I was still able to squeeze in a great dinner with West Richmond Businessmen’s Association, pool league, a cigar session with a friend and dinner and a movie with my Valentine. I was also able to get in four WAM! Meetings and greatly enjoyed watching people helping each other make great changes in the businesses and their lives. I was also able to manage four one on one meetings in which I was able to build some deeper business relationships and work on some future items.

The previous week I was really pushing myself with the exercising and lifting and injured my shoulder a little bit so I took my trainer’s advice and took a week off. I’m glad to get back at it now. 

The lack of exercise did allow me more time to work and with the successes of the previous week that was a good thing, I had a lot more than usual to take care of. 

So all and all, I got nothing exciting to share 🙂 This week is looking to be much more exciting with three new clients to coach, an outing at Drive Shack and at Top Golf, a Time Management Workshop, dinner with Marines, lunch with an old friend and drinks with another, real estate shopping, Marine Corps League meeting and of course, dinner and movies with my honey. That’s more like the kind of weeks I like. Except of course for the ones on a cruise ship and warmer temperatures!

Have a successful week!