About WAMrva

The Owner –¬†Walter Cornett

I began networking in 2006. When I opened my own business in 2009 I joined and visited just about every networking related organization or meeting I could. As my business began to grow I had to decrease the amount of time allotted for networking and this led to me beginning to track and study networking and the results that I was receiving, or not receiving. I started leading my first team in 2009, became mentor and then area director for PRO and in 2014 I purchased the PRO Richmond franchise. WAM is the result of these experiences, the studying that I have done and the connections I have made. I hope you can join us for one of our meetings or events soon.

The Why

Traditional networking is very broad, unfocused and time consuming. We Are More. More than commercials and elevator pitches or passing business cards and sharing leads. Our focus is not on the number of members or guests at a meeting or in the growth of the organization. The only numbers we are concerned with are the number of accomplishments for each of our members. Our success is the success of the members. This achieved with continuous training focused on personal branding and the building of relationships with strategic partners that produce more and better referrals. Although each of our members commits to a regularly scheduled meeting they are part or the organization not just a team and are members of every meeting they choose to attend. Our meetings are like round table discussions during which there is ample time for each member to receive the support, ideas and introductions from fellow members. Come and witness the WAM experience for yourself.