Another winter with no real snow.

What a winter. I know some of you in the southside and east of Richmond got a little snow last Thursday, here in Glen Allen we didn’t any at all. We made it through the entire winter with no snow at all. Basically, no winter at all. Sorry, for all you snow lovers, but this is my kind of winter.

Did you take care of yourself this week? I completed my 3.5 hours of exercise this week, got in my reading, enjoyed two dinners with friends, cigar with a friend, dinner with dad, Drive Shak, Top Golf, date night with the wife and a new one. I have added time in my calendar each week for deeper relaxation. I’m going to find at least one hour each week to go on a walk or read something fictional, leaving my phone and everyone and really shut down and relax.

I was asked this week, “if you have all of this time, why don’t you work more?”. While my goal is to indeed work less, it is also to work more efficiently when I’m working. According to Business Insider, the average person only works for 2 hours and 53 minutes during the average 8 hour workday. Think about that one for a moment. If this is true, the average employee has an additional 5 hours per day that they could be doing other things. 

I have also learned that a well rested, physically healthy and mentally prepared Walter is much more productive when he is working. I also have a better grasp now on my time. Think about this; if you sleep for 8 hours, use 4 hours showering, driving, eating, etc., and 4 hours taking care of yourself, you still have 8 hours left to work. That’s almost three times what the average worker works. Just some food for thought.

Have a productive, healthy week!