Are you struggling with goal setting?

Here is one method that might help you. Start by envisioning where you want to be three years from now? How much do you want to be making, how many clients will you need at that point or some other combination or single measurable goal.

Now break down it down and work it backward. Reverse engineer it. Work it back to the annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and then to daily goals.

Make these goals or transcribe them into items that you can control. For example; if your goal is to have 200 new clients in 36 months start by breaking this down to 67 new clients per year, 17 per quarter, 6 per month, 1.3 per week and then .25 per day! A fourth of a client per day, doesn’t that sound much better, easier to accomplish, then 200?

So what can you do each day to achieve this goal? Look at your last new client acquisition and reverse engineer how you got them. Why did they contact you, how did you meet them, etc. For some this might translate back to the knocking on 10 new doors every day, calling 20 new phone numbers, emailing 30 new contacts, etc. each day. Everyone’s how is going to be differ and will continue to be adjusted as more data is collected, methods are perfected, etc.

Breaking your goals down to daily actions that you can control and that you can accomplish will help to prevent one from “winging it” and will increase successes. The success of achieving today’s goal will help encourage you to achieve tomorrow’s goal and eventually it will become contagious and even better, will become habit. Creating good habits is always a great thing.

For the month of July we are going to focus on goal setting. Come sit at our tables and see if you can help us with ours and if we can help you with yours.