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We strive to make you feel SAFE at our WAM! Meetings

Huge shoutout to one of our newest members, Nhat Pham. He did a masterful job of presenting me with some great questions and helped me to arrive at one of those awesome acronyms to better summarize WAM!

SAFE is our new acronym for Support, Accountability, Feedback and Education. It is also a word that represents the atmosphere at our tables of peers, a safe place in which you can open up and share in a judgement free space full of people there to help you. 

A big part people don’t often realize when they are going out on their own is the support they need from others who are doing or have done the same. There are a lot of negative nannies out there so sitting at the table with people who get it can be extremely valuable.

When you are out on your own and don’t have a boss looming over your shoulder or you’re trying to do things that don’t come naturally to you, having like minded people to help hold you accountable can be the tool that makes sure you get it done. 

How do you know if your good idea is really a good one? Are you struggling with something but can’t figure out why? Do you wish you had a team of people who could offer you the feedback you need in order to answer these questions? One of the many great things about a peer to peer meeting is the feedback you can receive when you ask for it.

Education comes in many forms. I can’t think of a time I attended a WAM! meeting that I didn’t come away with at minimum some tidbit of value. Some of the biggest changes I have made in my life and business started just by sitting at our table exchanging experiences and sharing the knowledge that everyone has. 

You’re going to see a lot more about SAFE in the near future. Thank you Nhat.

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air, it’s March and we get to move our clocks forward this weekend! 

Last week was full of great peer to peer meetings, one on one meetings, hosting a Time Management Workshop and other accolades but what I really enjoyed with the time spent working on the relationships with friends and family. I was able to schedule two great get-togethers with old friends, spend time with one of my grandchildren and my father, shoot pool, play poker and golf with other friends and had a great date night with Michele that included a Bosnian restaurant. 

This week I will again shoot pool, get to go shooting and then visit with my Marine family, going rock climbing and am looking forward to the Sweetheart dance with my sweetheart on Saturday night. Are you scheduling enough time with your family and friends? Don’t tell me you don’t have enough time.

Last week I hosted the Time Management Workshop for a team of realtors and one of the primary items I focus on is my rule of 4. It’s the order in which you plan out your calendar. First is to schedule time for yourself, second is to schedule time for the relationships in your life, third is to schedule time to work on your future goals and last is to schedule all of the things you have to do every day. If you follow it, you’ll find that a healthier, happier you will get far more of that “have to” stuff done in far less time. 

I hope you all have a great week and that winter is behind us!

Another winter with no real snow.

What a winter. I know some of you in the southside and east of Richmond got a little snow last Thursday, here in Glen Allen we didn’t any at all. We made it through the entire winter with no snow at all. Basically, no winter at all. Sorry, for all you snow lovers, but this is my kind of winter.

Did you take care of yourself this week? I completed my 3.5 hours of exercise this week, got in my reading, enjoyed two dinners with friends, cigar with a friend, dinner with dad, Drive Shak, Top Golf, date night with the wife and a new one. I have added time in my calendar each week for deeper relaxation. I’m going to find at least one hour each week to go on a walk or read something fictional, leaving my phone and everyone and really shut down and relax.

I was asked this week, “if you have all of this time, why don’t you work more?”. While my goal is to indeed work less, it is also to work more efficiently when I’m working. According to Business Insider, the average person only works for 2 hours and 53 minutes during the average 8 hour workday. Think about that one for a moment. If this is true, the average employee has an additional 5 hours per day that they could be doing other things. 

I have also learned that a well rested, physically healthy and mentally prepared Walter is much more productive when he is working. I also have a better grasp now on my time. Think about this; if you sleep for 8 hours, use 4 hours showering, driving, eating, etc., and 4 hours taking care of yourself, you still have 8 hours left to work. That’s almost three times what the average worker works. Just some food for thought.

Have a productive, healthy week! 

Happiness comes when you want less.

WAM! member Scott Hicks shared this tidbit during one of meetings this week and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

I do think that overall I am happy. Of course I do have thoughts about newer vehicles, bigger houses and cooler stuff but then that would require me to give up the things that make me happy. 

What makes you happy? Do the things that make you happy require more money or more time? 

What changes can you make to make yourself happier? The money part is easier to understand, if you buy less, you’ll have more money. The time part isn’t as easy for everyone to grasp. No matter what you do, there are only 168 hours every week.

What can you do to create more time for the things that make you happy? I have a simple answer for that one, waste less time. How much time are you spending each day at work in unproductive conversations, on social media, etc.? How much time are you wasting watching television? Can you be more efficient with work and obligatory things on your list? Try it. 

It’s time to be happier 🙂 Have a fantastic week.

A second week in a row with no bad news! A bit of a different week for me. I was still able to squeeze in a great dinner with West Richmond Businessmen’s Association, pool league, a cigar session with a friend and dinner and a movie with my Valentine. I was also able to get in four WAM! Meetings and greatly enjoyed watching people helping each other make great changes in the businesses and their lives. I was also able to manage four one on one meetings in which I was able to build some deeper business relationships and work on some future items.

The previous week I was really pushing myself with the exercising and lifting and injured my shoulder a little bit so I took my trainer’s advice and took a week off. I’m glad to get back at it now. 

The lack of exercise did allow me more time to work and with the successes of the previous week that was a good thing, I had a lot more than usual to take care of. 

So all and all, I got nothing exciting to share 🙂 This week is looking to be much more exciting with three new clients to coach, an outing at Drive Shack and at Top Golf, a Time Management Workshop, dinner with Marines, lunch with an old friend and drinks with another, real estate shopping, Marine Corps League meeting and of course, dinner and movies with my honey. That’s more like the kind of weeks I like. Except of course for the ones on a cruise ship and warmer temperatures!

Have a successful week!

Taking care of yourself vs. taking care of your business

There are a lot of similarities in taking care of your business and taking care of yourself.

One is the value of tracking things. In business, it’s much easier to make sound decisions if you have the necessary data needed. If you want to eat healthier, figure out how different exercises and different experiences affect you, tracking these things is important. How do you track things? For me, a big one is my calendar. Recently, I have begun trying to add to it what I eat so I can start watching for trends and habits that I want to change.

Another is accountability. Often a little easier personally, getting people to exercise with me, asking for support in changing habits, etc. These are equally valuable in business but for some reason it doesn’t come as easy. It often just feels awkward. Do you like having others to help hold you accountable?

One more is just good tips and ideas to improve. Someone recently referred to them as “hacks”. A good hack I learned that is helping me personally is to pack a snack bag every day. I am now shopping for healthy snacks, filling up my bag daily and am enjoying being able to snack throughout the day. This has really helped me in reducing my portion sizes as I’m not so hungry when I sit down for the regular meals. I have received countless personal and business hacks in our WAM! Meetings! 

Keep at it! I hope each of these tips inches you closer to your success.

Your Personal Development

It’s a new month and with that comes a new topic of discussion. This month’s topic is Your Personal Development. The healthier you are physically and mentally the better you are going to be at everything you do. That makes sense doesn’t it?

If that’s the case, how come most people do basically the opposite? I don’t know many possible answers there are to this but with all of them that I have heard I see them related in one way, prioritization. This is a big part of what we cover in the time management workshops we host.

When your scheduling your calendar, what do you schedule first? What would happen if you started the scheduling of your calendar first with the things that you want to do in order to help yourself personally. That could be things like exercising, reading, working on your hobby, meditating, etc. Schedule those things that are going to make you stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. 

Next schedule time to work on your relationships. This could be date nights, visiting family or just hanging out with friends. We all need good strong relationships and they certainly worth investing time into them.

But I have so much work to do! Do you want to be the rich person who can barely walk, is always grumpy and has no friends? For the most part we have taught for years now that business comes first. We will move or eliminate time for ourselves and for our relationships because of work. Right? However, there are things on our calendar that we don’t make exceptions for; think about them.

You have been waiting for three months for your appointment with this specialist and now a client calls with an emergency, what do you do? You figure out a way to make your appointment and take care of that client. What if you simply start prioritizing your scheduled appointments with yourself, your family and your friends like you prioritized that appointment with that specialist? 

Just some food for thought. Do you have any good tips or hacks that could help others in this area and others? Visit one of our WAM! Meetings and see how you can help others and maybe pick up a few things along the way to help you as well.

In addition, check out the events section and read about the Time Management Workshop on February 19th.

Walter’s Message 02/04/2020

February 3rd! I don’t know about you but that was a quick month for me. One I’m glad to get behind me. While I have some big things in the works January came with all kinds of financial setbacks. How was your January? 

I did kick off last week meeting with another potential coaching client, helped some folks create some new habits to help them with their time management during our time management workshop, got some work done and capped off the day spending some time with father.

I got in a lot more exercise, had my third win in a row with my pool league, sold some stuff at my garage sale and am finally making some space in there, a great dinner with Michele and another with my dad and drove up to northern Virginia for my granddaughter’s first birthday party. It’s hard not to be thankful for these opportunities.

With a couple new coaching clients in the works and several new visitors to the WAM! meetings I hope to share my thankfulness on the business end next week. If you want to be my guest at one of these meetings I will be attending Tuesday at 7:30am in Forest Hill, Tuesday at 10:00am near Willow Lawn and Thursday at 9:00am in Mechanicsville.

Be thankful for what you do have and keep working on the rest. Have a fantastic week!

2020 is in the books!

(Remember, my 2020 didn’t start until Monday the 6th). My first day of the year got off to a great start with the joining of a new member. I spent several hours last week cleaning out a rental house, moving furniture and setting up a garage sale, that was a nice break from the normal routine. Participated in two and facilitated two very productive WAM! Meetings. It’s rewarding to watch the members becoming more and more engaged in each other’s businesses, dissecting the topics of the month, supporting each other and helping to hold each other accountable. I also hosted a goal setting workshop and that too was very fulfilling. You can’t help but get excited when you see people mapping out their futures.

I was able to visit with an old friend while smoking my pipe, shot pool, ate and had a drink with another and then of a cup of coffee and a treat with yet another. One of my goals this year is to connect deeper with many of my friends. All that, in still squeezed in two date nights with my best friend Michele.

All this amazing weather yet, I did slack big time on myself physically this week. Since last Monday’s crossfit training the only thing I did was a 3.5 mile run on the mountain bike trails yesterday and then another crossfit training today. I will be hitting the gym and running more this week. I would really love it if some of you would join me and help hold me accountable to myself before I start getting back into my old habits.

I’m going to talk about habits in the tip of the week. For now though, simply wishing you a great week and I hope to connect with you more soon!

What new habits would you like to create?

Hab·it /ˈhabət/


  1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Do you have bad habits that keep you from achieving your goals? What this definition doesn’t explain at all is how hard it is to change most habits. 

For me, I have found that once I identify a habit in which I know I want to change but am struggling with I try instead to focus on the new habit I wish to create. With my weight I identified that my addiction to Mountain Dew was a very difficult habit to break. Instead of focusing on not drinking Mountain Dew, I instead focused on drinking Sprite. I then started focusing my efforts on creating a habit of drinking more water and coffee. Focusing on the new habit was like focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative and has worked much better for me.

In order to curb my bad habit of spending too much time on Facebook I created new habits. I started tracking my time more diligently and one of the things I do is to complete a report each week of how much time I spend doing multiple different things. One of those is Facebook! Seeing those numbers each week motivates me to lower them but it’s the habit of tracking my time and creating this report that enables me to do it. 

Another big part of this is accountability. I learned that when I wasn’t willing to share openly with people what I was trying to accomplish it was because I hadn’t truly committed to it. I mean, if I tell people and ask them to hold me accountable, they are going to know if I fail. Exactly! Another habit I have created for myself is to surround myself with like-minded peers, share my goals with them and ask them to help me. I want and appreciate when they push me to follow through.