Do the math!

During one of our meetings last week I watched as a member was taken through the process of calculating the time their employer expected them to call prospects, the expected meetings made and the time those would take and then the expected sales and the time that would take. If prospecting is part of your sales process, have you ever put the math to it like this? If you did, what did you think of the results? 

One of the big things that our members are working on helping each other with is the maximizing of their time. Almost every time, you can put the math to it and should. Putting the math to it will help you to make better changes going forward. 

Without the math, many will end up on a path in which they are working harder and harder but still unable to achieve their goals. What else in your business should you be breaking down in this manner? Write them down and bring them to your next WAM! Meeting. While everyone helps you figure this out, you may in turn be helping everyone else in the meeting.

I hope that “sums” it up for you!