First Priority Is To Prioritize

Do you ever complete your things to do list? I know I don’t. If anything it just continues to grow.

Do you know how to decide what to do first? Well last week I wrote about breaking your goals down into tasks that you could actually control. So part of deciding on how to prioritize your tasks at hand is to look at your goals and the tasks necessary to achieve your goals.

For most people that I am working with their priority is normally to make money now. While I am sympathetic to this and understand the choices we normally make in order to help us make money now, these most often, not choices that help us long term. Of course, not paying our bills is not going to help us long term either! There is definitely some balance required.

When you are planning out your day take a moment and for each task, appointment, etc. ask yourself how this action is going to help you now or in the future and to what degree and then schedule accordingly. Don’t procrastinate or put off the things that are most important and don’t fret over the things that ended up at the bottom of the priority list, they aren’t as important. They are not priorities.

If you are stressed about time, keep trying to implement one more item a time, developing just one more habit at a time and I assure that you will eventually hit a point in which you will have more control over your calendar and your time and even though you will probably never have enough time to accomplish everything you want to, you will stress much less by understanding why.