Focus Forward, Not Backward

As you read this today I am traveling through Kentucky with my father. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to spend the time I am able to with wife, mother, father, family and friends. I am very committed to spending time on myself and on them.

I have spent a lot of time working on my time. A big part of this is prioritizing. My priorities are to first schedule time to take care of myself and then family and friends. Then I work on scheduling the work related stuff. In doing this, I have chosen to schedule time everyday to work on the future of my business. This can be hard at times as there are always so many things to do, so many fires to put out, etc.

I was talking to Mom last week about the path I have taken over the past several years. It has been difficult. I made a lot of sacrifices in order to stay on track but they are starting to pay off now. What sacrifices you ask? The biggest things I sacrificed were financially. I did without a lot of the fun things my friends were doing, didn’t buy the toys and focused my spending on my priorities. 

All that said, when I say this picture this morning from Zig Ziglar it really resonated with me. I’m like a river. I’m not going in reverse, I’m not focusing on the past, I can see my future, I will stay positive and regardless of all the twists and turns along the way, I will achieve the goals I have set.

Have a fantastic week my friends.