Happiness comes when you want less.

WAM! member Scott Hicks shared this tidbit during one of meetings this week and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

I do think that overall I am happy. Of course I do have thoughts about newer vehicles, bigger houses and cooler stuff but then that would require me to give up the things that make me happy. 

What makes you happy? Do the things that make you happy require more money or more time? 

What changes can you make to make yourself happier? The money part is easier to understand, if you buy less, you’ll have more money. The time part isn’t as easy for everyone to grasp. No matter what you do, there are only 168 hours every week.

What can you do to create more time for the things that make you happy? I have a simple answer for that one, waste less time. How much time are you spending each day at work in unproductive conversations, on social media, etc.? How much time are you wasting watching television? Can you be more efficient with work and obligatory things on your list? Try it. 

It’s time to be happier 🙂 Have a fantastic week.