How Receptive are you to constructive criticism?

Throughout my education and pretty much my entire professional career, I feel as though all of my mentors have pounded into my head that I must be able to listen to constructive criticism. As a “9 to 5’er” I’ve spent my professional career working for a small business. Between networking and the nature of the small business I work for I have had numerous interactions with small business owners. Despite what my mentors have always told me, I’ve seen a pattern of the exact opposite from small business owners. 

It could simply be the nature of the construction industry, but I have to wonder. Many of the interactions I’ve witnessed or been involved with the business owner refuses to listen to anything that contradicts the way they do things. It could be something that’s large and involves many moving parts, like how they manage communication from their employees to their 50+ customers or something as simple as how they keep their financial records. 

As a business owner who has recently launched their business, I am trying to learn as much as I can from other bookkeepers and other business owners in general. I feel that change is necessary for growth and that being uncomfortable is a good thing because that means you’re changing your norm. However, I see so much resistance to change and even hearing others out when they’re trying to provide constructive criticism. 

I strive to be as receptive to constructive criticism as possible and remember that the criticism is a potential opportunity for me to improve myself and my business. How receptive are you to constructive criticism? Is it about the delivery of the criticism or possibly just a mind set that certain people have? I’d love to have a discussion about it, so please reach out and let me know what you think! 

Shelby Haydel
The RVA Office Sub
[email protected]