Personal Development

The most successful people in business work longer hours and don’t take care of themselves. Wrong! While working longer hours and neglecting personal care might describe a large percentage of people and while many may even brag about doing so, the most successful take care of themselves first.

How do you think your decision making skills are affected by your stress level? Do you think you might have a better decision making process and make better decisions if you are less stressed? I do. If you don’t take the time every day to mentally prepare yourself and take steps to better handle stress you could very easily become another victim of burnout.

How’s your health? You don’t have time to exercise? You don’t have time to eat proper meals? Hard work is a part of almost every success story. That success is much better when you can actually enjoy it. Spend a couple extra dollars on the healthier food, take a little longer to eat properly and even if it’s only fifteen to thirty minutes a day, find a way to get some real exercise in. If you can’t squeeze it out of your work schedule, squeeze it from other activities that aren’t helping you long term. 

Finding the right combination between working hard vs. working smart, spending vs. investing and being selfish vs. taking care of yourself can be challenging but it is possible. Join us in one of our meetings or contact me if you need help figuring out how to make this work for you. Have a successful week.