Previous Member Spotlights

Skibo Adams
Skibo Adams Photography

Skibo Adams has been a member of WAM! since before it was WAM!. Like many of us he spent a ton of hours over several years networking and found that although it did produce some sales, overall it just wasn’t as productive as he had needed. Working with his fellow WAM! members over the past 18 months he has been able to really narrow down where he could better serve his clients as well as himself and his family. Where is that? It’s focusing on taking and producing quality headshots for professionals to use on their social media, business cards, websites, etc. For years Skibo has been offering many different types of photography options for his clients but with the help of his peers in his meetings they figured out that by offering primarily just headshots he can help more clients in less time. 

Even better, because of his streamlined processes his clients save time by being able to just pop in his pre-set up studio, receive their pictures within 24hours and Skibo is even passing the savings onto them. Who doesn’t want to maximize their time, save money and still get a quality picture?

Paul Sakellariou

We would like to introduce you this week to another one of our new members, Paul Sakellariou.

Paul comes to us with a background in fund accounting, bank examining at the Federal Reserve and the previous 16 years in financial planning. After spending the majority of this working behind the scenes Paul is excited about moving his career to the frontlines now and building his own business. We are excited about helping him to accomplish this.
One of the challenges Paul is facing is in finding the time to work “on” his business more instead of “in” his business as he already has a lot of clients to take care of but at the same time wants to improve his services, hone his skills and help even more clients. Personal branding will be a big part of new adventure as well. Paul is a family man with two children, a VMI graduate, avid golfer and loves to cook. We hope to help Paul find a way to incorporate these into his brand.

Paul has committed to the WAM! Masters meeting the 1st and 3rd Thursday morning of each month at 9:00am at Marty’s Grille in Mechanicsville. Reach out to him or the facilitator, Justin Barnes, so you can attend this meeting and get to know and see if you can help us help Paul. He has a lot of great stuff to contribute to our meetings as well.

You can also connect with him on follow his Facebook page at

Wanda Hall
Nichols Mobile Notary

Over the years I have learned that things are normally much more complex than they appear. Our newest member Wanda Hall is a mobile notary. When I first heard this I questioned how one could really make a business out of this. I mean, I have used a notary at the bank before, it didn’t seem like a big deal and they didn’t charge me anything at all.

Well, if you want to know how much can go wrong when mistakes are made with improperly notarized document, I suggest you take a few minutes and try to schedule some time with Wanda. I was shocked to learn how many different situations require a notary and how important it is to use an experienced and knowledgeable one. Add in the fact that Wanda can come to you and you can see why her business is starting to do so well and she is having to start dealing with some of the growing pains of entrepreneurship. I’m glad she has reached out to our membership to help her.

Wanda has committed to regularly attending the WAM! Tastic meeting the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 11:30am until 1:00pm in the back meeting room at Lalo’s Cocina. Their meeting on the 2nd of September has been cancelled due to it falling on Labor Day. If you join them on the 16th you can meet Wanda, the rest of the members that regularly attend that meeting and the guests.

Meanwhile, if you want to reach out to Wanda you can contact her at [email protected] or 804-557-4323. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn at and of course you can visit her website at

Tom Langston
SL Nusbaum

One of our newer members Tom Langston, joined WAM! looking for help developing his personal skills and using our peer to peer coaching format to help him learn more ways to better serve his clients. At the same time, I think Tom is going to help a lot of your members with his knowledge of the commercial real estate industry.
Tom has a lot of expertise in market research, site selection and contract negotiation, representing tenants and landlords, buyers and sellers in the sale, purchase, and leasing of retail, office and industrial properties. He focuses on providing services in client representation, lease and sales contract negotiation and market research in the Richmond market and surrounding areas. Tom is a graduate of Longwood University with a B.A. in Social Studies Education.
Tom hasn’t committed to a specific meeting and is interested in starting a 7:30am meeting. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or by calling 804.338.1032 or 803.320.7600

Katerina Wilkerson
Neumann & Dunn, Keeton and Company

While I can help just about anyone buying or selling a home my area of expertise is in new home construction. Growing up in a family that owns a home building business and then starting my career in the mortgage industry I have learned a lot.

New home construction has many more variables than the average home purchase and my knowledge and experience can save my clients time, money, stress and more.

Steve Miller
Central Virginia Insurance & Investment Services

• Insurance (Life,Medicare,Health,Disability,Voluntary Benefits, Individual and/or Group)
• Investments

Matt Escobar
State Farm Insurance

I am the owner of Matt Escobar State Farm. My team takes the stress and confusion out of insurance. Our agency offers all types of both personal and commercial insurance (auto, home, life, business). Personally as a car enthusiast, I specialize in antique cars and high end autos that require special attention.

Tom Leahy
Optimum Ed

We are higher education/life coaches for young people, providing a comprehensive program covering all aspects of career assessment, college admissions and financial aid. Our proprietary process greatly increases the chances the investment in higher education will provide a return in the form of a sustainable career; and in the most efficient way possible.

Mynik Taylor
American Cancer Society

I have been employed for a total of six years, as a Community Development Manager. Currently I oversee the planning and implementation of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Richmond.

Lorraine Klepacz
BWS Landscaping

BWS enhances your experience with the outdoors by creating lasting memories. BWS is the most respected landscaping firm in RVA specializing in commercial and residential landscaping maintenance, enhancements, design, lighting, and hardscaping.

Katerina Wilkerson
Keeton & Co Real Estate Team

I assist with buying and selling residential real estate in the Central Virginia area.

Hunter Tatum
Virginia Insurance Services

My goal is to provide the best service and knowledge to our customers with business, home, and auto insurance by helping and educating them regarding their insurance needs.

Christin Bonomonte
The Main Street Group

Investment Management, Holistic Financial Planning, Risk Mitigation (Insurance, Buy-Sell agreements, Long-term Care, etc.)

Toby Blatt
Sona Bank

I help consumers and small businesses save money, save time, and make money. I do this by sitting down with them and evaluating what financial products and services they currently have and giving them better options to best suit their needs.

Michele Reynolds
Service Insurance Agency
804-288-6993 x317

I have 18 years of specialized service in helping truck drivers and owners of trucks with their professional insurance needs