Priorities and Perspective

Writing to you from the farm in Persia, Iowa. While visiting my Mother, I had an opportunity to spend an evening in the local bar with many of the local townsfolk. How refreshing! I spend most of my time in the city with all of it’s hustle and bustle and the rest of the chaos of the business rat race.

Yesterday evening, I got to sit with some of the most down to earth folks. They talked all about the corn and soy forecasts and the woes of cattle farming. I got a crash course on tractors before the libations began to kick in and the stories of the people and the local history began.

I heard the story of a man who had lived for over 90 years without ever traveling more than 60 miles away, the couples married since their teens and I really enjoyed how they talked of all of their family that are all still around them. When the topics of the things not so pleasant, like the family with a son addicted to drugs, the illnesses, the financial problems from a bad season, etc. these were all met with a very calming shift to the positives, thankfulness and appreciation for all that is good.

I really wish I could have taken some pictures from in the bar but I didn’t want to be the out of place city slicker. It has helped me a little bit to once again try to make sure that I focus on what is most important in life, to surround myself with open and real people and to always be thankful and show appreciative for all that I have.

Happy Holidays to you all

Walter Cornett