Setting Up An Exciting 2019

I am just overwhelmed right now with all of the learning that I am doing. I am currently meeting with two different business coaches each week as well as with several different WAM members to better define what we are, who we help, how we do it and what we want to accomplish next year and the years to come.

I come out of each of these meetings more and more excited. I have a much better explanation of what WAM is. We are a mastermind organization of professionals who gather in mastermind meetings to help each other with new ideas, solutions to challenges, introductions to strategic partners and MORE. On our plate for next year is even more meetings that as of now I am calling Pop Up Meetings. These will include things like last month’s panel discussion on W2 employees vs 1099 contractors and the  “Work From Home Like A Boss” presentation with Chris Harris and my own Time Management workshops.

We are also going to introduce some subject or situation based mastermind meetings and would like your input. Member or not, who would you like to sit at the table with and what would you like to talk about? Write me at and let me know how we could best help you.

This month’s training focus has been on Giving and I have to share how much I have enjoyed listening to all of the stories and testimonials of the amazing things that our members have done to help each other. You never know how much your ideas, input, suggestions and experience affect the people your sharing it with. Keep up the good work!