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Beat Your Competition or Achieve Your Goals?

I have read and listened to a lot of advice about crushing, outwitting and generally focusing on your competition. I have also observed a lot of really successful people and have come to the conclusion that focusing on competition is generally an all-around negative exercise.

While I think it can be productive to explore what others in your market are doing or not doing, comparing yourself to them and trying to beat them is counterproductive. What are you going to beat them at your goal or their goal? Their ultimate goals are probably completely different. Are you goals a first place trophy or are you goals focused on what you want in your life?

No one can do what you do like you do it, has the same knowledge and experience that you do or has the same goals that you do. Do they? Work harder at being you, be awesome at being you and you will separate yourself from what you think is your competition. You have no competition.

Who is the greatest football player ever? I don’t even know where to start with the answer to that one. Who was the greatest offensive player and who was the defensive player? That starts generate some thoughts. Who was the greatest running quarterback, short yardage running back, open field tackler……. Get the idea? How many successful football players created their own “Best”?

What goal will you give your best focus?

Goals and Prospective

And just like that another year has gone. It’s this time every year that I find myself in amazement of how at the beginning of the year, a year seems like such a long time and how at the end of the year, a year seems like it went by in the blink of an eye.

My year was full of adventures! The biggest thing for me, I got married! I had some great vacations and good times and in business, I went through some major changes and learned a ton. It’s crazy how much my prospective, ideas and goals have changed. WOW! If you haven’t, scroll back through your calendar for the year. I mean it’s only been a year but when I look back I can’t believe all that I have done, how much was accomplished and how much I was able to change in such a short time.

So how I am going to make 2019 event better! The biggest thing for me this year is to waste less time. I have spoke a lot of about time management. It has really become a huge part of my life. I am learning that there is time that I must dedicate to work and all things related to that and there is time that I must dedicate to family, friends and myself and that is equally if not more important. I have also learned that I spend a lot of time doing neither. It would be easy to argue that this “nothing” time is the time that I need to relax, refresh, etc. but I don’t think it really accomplishes any of those. It’s just time wasted. I am learning about what things really help me relax, make me feel fulfilled and which things are just occupying my time – usually because I am not doing a good job of managing my time!