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Taking care of yourself vs. taking care of your business

There are a lot of similarities in taking care of your business and taking care of yourself.

One is the value of tracking things. In business, it’s much easier to make sound decisions if you have the necessary data needed. If you want to eat healthier, figure out how different exercises and different experiences affect you, tracking these things is important. How do you track things? For me, a big one is my calendar. Recently, I have begun trying to add to it what I eat so I can start watching for trends and habits that I want to change.

Another is accountability. Often a little easier personally, getting people to exercise with me, asking for support in changing habits, etc. These are equally valuable in business but for some reason it doesn’t come as easy. It often just feels awkward. Do you like having others to help hold you accountable?

One more is just good tips and ideas to improve. Someone recently referred to them as “hacks”. A good hack I learned that is helping me personally is to pack a snack bag every day. I am now shopping for healthy snacks, filling up my bag daily and am enjoying being able to snack throughout the day. This has really helped me in reducing my portion sizes as I’m not so hungry when I sit down for the regular meals. I have received countless personal and business hacks in our WAM! Meetings! 

Keep at it! I hope each of these tips inches you closer to your success.

Your Personal Development

It’s a new month and with that comes a new topic of discussion. This month’s topic is Your Personal Development. The healthier you are physically and mentally the better you are going to be at everything you do. That makes sense doesn’t it?

If that’s the case, how come most people do basically the opposite? I don’t know many possible answers there are to this but with all of them that I have heard I see them related in one way, prioritization. This is a big part of what we cover in the time management workshops we host.

When your scheduling your calendar, what do you schedule first? What would happen if you started the scheduling of your calendar first with the things that you want to do in order to help yourself personally. That could be things like exercising, reading, working on your hobby, meditating, etc. Schedule those things that are going to make you stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. 

Next schedule time to work on your relationships. This could be date nights, visiting family or just hanging out with friends. We all need good strong relationships and they certainly worth investing time into them.

But I have so much work to do! Do you want to be the rich person who can barely walk, is always grumpy and has no friends? For the most part we have taught for years now that business comes first. We will move or eliminate time for ourselves and for our relationships because of work. Right? However, there are things on our calendar that we don’t make exceptions for; think about them.

You have been waiting for three months for your appointment with this specialist and now a client calls with an emergency, what do you do? You figure out a way to make your appointment and take care of that client. What if you simply start prioritizing your scheduled appointments with yourself, your family and your friends like you prioritized that appointment with that specialist? 

Just some food for thought. Do you have any good tips or hacks that could help others in this area and others? Visit one of our WAM! Meetings and see how you can help others and maybe pick up a few things along the way to help you as well.

In addition, check out the events section and read about the Time Management Workshop on February 19th.

Walter’s Message 02/04/2020

February 3rd! I don’t know about you but that was a quick month for me. One I’m glad to get behind me. While I have some big things in the works January came with all kinds of financial setbacks. How was your January? 

I did kick off last week meeting with another potential coaching client, helped some folks create some new habits to help them with their time management during our time management workshop, got some work done and capped off the day spending some time with father.

I got in a lot more exercise, had my third win in a row with my pool league, sold some stuff at my garage sale and am finally making some space in there, a great dinner with Michele and another with my dad and drove up to northern Virginia for my granddaughter’s first birthday party. It’s hard not to be thankful for these opportunities.

With a couple new coaching clients in the works and several new visitors to the WAM! meetings I hope to share my thankfulness on the business end next week. If you want to be my guest at one of these meetings I will be attending Tuesday at 7:30am in Forest Hill, Tuesday at 10:00am near Willow Lawn and Thursday at 9:00am in Mechanicsville.

Be thankful for what you do have and keep working on the rest. Have a fantastic week!

What new habits would you like to create?

Hab·it /ˈhabət/


  1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Do you have bad habits that keep you from achieving your goals? What this definition doesn’t explain at all is how hard it is to change most habits. 

For me, I have found that once I identify a habit in which I know I want to change but am struggling with I try instead to focus on the new habit I wish to create. With my weight I identified that my addiction to Mountain Dew was a very difficult habit to break. Instead of focusing on not drinking Mountain Dew, I instead focused on drinking Sprite. I then started focusing my efforts on creating a habit of drinking more water and coffee. Focusing on the new habit was like focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative and has worked much better for me.

In order to curb my bad habit of spending too much time on Facebook I created new habits. I started tracking my time more diligently and one of the things I do is to complete a report each week of how much time I spend doing multiple different things. One of those is Facebook! Seeing those numbers each week motivates me to lower them but it’s the habit of tracking my time and creating this report that enables me to do it. 

Another big part of this is accountability. I learned that when I wasn’t willing to share openly with people what I was trying to accomplish it was because I hadn’t truly committed to it. I mean, if I tell people and ask them to hold me accountable, they are going to know if I fail. Exactly! Another habit I have created for myself is to surround myself with like-minded peers, share my goals with them and ask them to help me. I want and appreciate when they push me to follow through. 

Here come the New Year Resolutions

Are you setting some for yourself? How confident are you that you are going to achieve them?

We all know that most of these New Year’s resolutions are short lived. We’ve made jokes for years about the gyms in January versus July! Do you want to stick to your resolutions?

My recommendation is to focus on three things: patience, habits and accountability.Being more patient isn’t natural to most of us. To help me with patience I have learned to pace myself. Give yourself time frames and numbers that you are more likely to achieve. If you want to stop smoking, reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke by one cigarette a week. If you smoke a pack a day, now you will be smoke-free in “only” twenty weeks. If you want to run a 5k this year, plan on doing so in the early fall and start now by trying to run a quarter mile this month and another quarter mile each month, in only 9 months you’ll be there. Do you think breaking down your goals into smaller, simpler steps like these will help you to be more patient and more apt to stick to them?

When tasks become habit, they are much easier to complete. Think about some of the habits you already have. When I wake up I immediately go to the coffee maker, make my bed and then sit down to check my calendar. It’s just automatic. With patience and a plan you can create good habits that will help you stick to and achieve your plans. As in developing patience, set your expectations so that they are achievable. 

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Asking for help is a sign of real commitment. If you are serious about your goals, ask for help. Share your goals and find some peers to help you. Tell them your plan, report to them your progress or share your calendar. Why would someone fear or dislike accountability? I have heard that many people fear success, maybe that’s it.

Your success is my success, I hope this helps you. Happy New Year.

What are your plans for 2020?

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas. I was able to spend a lot of extra time with Michele, enjoyed that warmer weather and got in some golf, started getting back on track with the exercising and got a ton of work done. I’m looking forward to more of the same this week.

I am a success coach and I help people discover and achieve their success. I especially enjoy helping those with overcoming the lack of resources, experience or finances to do things the traditional way. I strongly believe that the greatest thing about the United States is that anyone has the chance to succeed. For those that are able, I help them one on one and for anyone else I organize educational events and peer to peer coaching meetings.

My success is being able to achieve my financial goals doing something that I am passionate about. I’m halfway there. I’m doing what I enjoy now, helping people to start their businesses, make their existing business run smoother and be more profitable, become more organized and less stressed and generally be more successful. Now that things are in place, WAM! Is ready to grow and help even more people. 

A vital part of our growth is our facilitators. Facilitators are some of the most dedicated and committed individuals out there. They are the people you see working on their own businesses but still taking the time to help others and they are the leaders trying to become even better leaders. Who comes to mind when you read that? Does this describe you? WAM!’s success and the adding of new meetings is dependent on us recruiting more facilitators. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

What are you plans for 2020?

Christmas is about giving right? Well I want to give you more time!

How would you feel if I gave you a million dollars and then you found yourself a flat broke only a year later? That’s the feeling I have when I feel like I wasted time. This is why I have put so much time and energy into my time management. 

You have heard many mentions of the time management workshop I host. This workshop is broken down into three key areas, prioritizing, scheduling and tracking. 

For me prioritizing is narrowed down to the big four, Me, Family & Friends, My End Goals and Now. It’s a bold plan that may not work for everyone.

Me first is somewhat selfish but I feel strongly that this is one place you do need to start thinking about yourself first. My passion and my goals are all centered around helping others, but how good of a job of that am I going to do if I am not in the mental and physical shape to do it? You have to take care of and love yourself first if you want to do a better job of taking care and loving others. 

No matter how great of shape you are in, no matter how much money you make, your not going to be happy if you don’t have other people in your life to share it with. You have to make time to work on these relationships too.

I worry more about the next thirty or forty years and less about today, probably too much. I see a lot of people though that focus so much on solving today’s problems that they never have time to work on their future. Which way do you lean? Finding that balance can be tough but I’m convinced that if you don’t prioritize and schedule time to work on things that will help you future you are more likely to end up with a future your not happy with.

How do you know if your managing your time well or not? How do you identify what is a waste of time? How do you know just how much time to invest and schedule for all of the things on your list? You can’t answer these questions unless you have some type of system in place in which track it right? You can’t analyze your data without data! Pretty self-explanatory but the majority of people I have worked with don’t do it so this a big part of what we cover and help put in place for them. 

Merry Christmas and enjoy your time.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I find that time is really flying by right now, 2019 is just about over. 

How was your week? I had a very productive week myself. I’m pleased with how much more productive the WAM! meetings I attended have become, I took a client to a networking event, had a meeting with a client who just started a new creative business, met with a group of other business coaches and overall was just able to get a lot of work done. Of course I still managed to have fun. I was able to spend additional time with Michele. In addition to our movie dates we had a great dinner with friends and I was able to eat lunch with her one day too. I shot pool with my league, enjoy bourbon and cigar with a friend, had dinner with some Marines, played poker with a great group of friends and spent some quality time with my father. It’s hard sometimes to balance self, family and work, I’m very appreciative of the progress I’ve made with this. 

With this weeks Tuesday and Wednesday meetings being cancelled for Christmas, Thursday’s 8:00am meeting with the WAM! Winners is the last meeting of this year. Come join me and let’s make a good one.

January is coming and there is so much to look forward to. I can’t save all the big announcements until next week. Here’s a couple I can share with you now. 

Thursday January 2nd we will be hosting another Time Management Workshop so we can help 8 more people to find ways to better prioritize, organize and maximize their time. Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? There are only 8 seats so register now if your interested – 

Tuesday January 7th there is one more opportunity to work on your goal setting. Maybe you still need help figuring out exactly what your goals are, how to create a plan to achieve them that is broken down stages, that is trackable all so you can actually follow through with them! This workshop too is limited to the first 8 people to register so here you go –

Want to mingle with other small business owners and visit with our sponsors on hand to answer your questions. Whether you want to learn the do’s and don’ts of your business headshot, how to maximize your social media efforts, where to start with videos, other marketing questions, your corporate structure and other legal questions, learn the many services offered by virtual assistants, hear about the many options out there now for flexible office space and organizations designed to help you. Join us Tuesday evening January 21st anytime between 4:30pm and 7:00pm, it’s sure to be a productive evening for everyone.

I’ll see you next week for the last newsletter of 2019!

Busy, busy, busy!

I don’t think you could squeeze anymore into a week than I did this last week. So much so that I’m late putting this newsletter together.

I don’t know how it happened but I ended up meeting with seven old friends last week and it was great. I keep up with them on Facebook but with everyone of them last week I learned things about what was going on in their lives that I didn’t know. I am going to have to be more intentional about doing more of this. Just not seven in one week!

In addition to that I was able to spend time with a couple of new business connections, work more on WAM!, attend a board of supervisors meeting, shoot pool with my league team, work on the 2020 WAM! Charity Golf Classic, meet with the West Richmond Business Men’s Association, attend three WAM! meetings, complete work sessions with three coaching clients, do some Christmas shopping, have a date night with my awesome wife, enjoy a round of golf in Myrtle Beach and host a Time Management Workshop!

Time management is obviously a pretty big deal for me. Without it, I couldn’t get done all that I’m doing and still have as much fun as I am. Last weeks workshop went so well that one of the business owners in attendance has already reached out to ask me to reschedule another one that he could send his sales team to. If you’re interested, keep watching the website because I will be scheduling it soon.

It’s almost 70 degrees here in Myrtle Beach so I am going to keep this one short so I can get back outside and enjoy a little bit more of it before I head back this evening. I hope you have a prosperous week and a Merry Christmas!

Smarter or Harder?

I just met with a business owner whose business offers multiple services and he shared with me his goals to focus on growth for 2020. The first question I asked him was which services he was going to focus on growing and why. His answer was, all of them. My second question was if he could share with me which services were the most profitable and he couldn’t answer it. My immediate concern was that he was probably going to experience the most growth in the service that was the least profitable. Doesn’t it seem smarter to focus on the services in which you’re making the most profits? 

I then met with another client who shared with me that although they completed the services they did on a consistent basis that their method of billing was to tally up each service they completed for each client each month and then create invoices for each and mail them out. When I hit them with, “How much time would you save if you just put them all on a recurring monthly plan with an automatic payment deducted from their credit card or bank account the first of the month?” I could see the wheels spinning between their ears. Even more so when they realized that this would also reduce their collections problems.  Although it may create some challenges in signing up new clients doesn’t it seem a lot smarter to sign them up this way?

The third one I want to share this week was when the subject of pricing was presented with another client. I asked them simply, “Why do you charge what you do?”. Their answer was the same one I almost always here, “the going rate for my industry”. When I responded with the question “Can you achieve your goals charging this amount?” I got that same deer in the headlights look I so often get. Wouldn’t it be smarter to set your goals and work them backward to see what you need to charge in order to achieve them?

I can tell that each of these clients and many others that I speak to are very hard workers. I want to help them be even more successful while not having to work so hard. So, do you want to work smarter or harder?