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The Habit Of Gratitude

Several months ago, I started scheduling fifteen minutes a day of gratitude time. It’s amazing how this new little habit has helped. I have made this task a little harder by making a rule that I cannot repeat the same things for which I am grateful. I am learning now how to find things to be grateful for during the least likely times.

Last week, I was leaving an appointment, got in my truck and it wouldn’t start. Of course, my first reaction was to be upset. I briefly went through the whole “whoa is me” talk with myself, wondering why life is always testing me.. That didn’t last long, because of my new habit of daily gratification moments. I was quickly able to overcome this and focus on what I was going to do.

I went back in the restaurant, Sports Page Grill in Ashland, and ask a waitress who was the best and closest mechanic. She quickly directed me to MAC, less than two blocks away. I walked over to MACS and proceeded to meet everyone there. Instead of focusing on my truck and being in a mad rush, I paused and actually spoke to everyone that worked there. A great group of down to earth people. Doug, was nice enough to give me a ride to my truck and was able to quickly diagnose that my problem was nothing more than a dead, dead beyond jump starting it, battery. Doug and I talked and decided that the most practical option was for me to simply get a new battery and install it myself. I thanked him and said that I would find a ride to the parts store and take care of it. Doug wasn’t going to allow that to happen!! Instead, he gave me a ride to the parts store and back and then made sure I was good to go.

In less than 45 minutes I was on my way again and made some new friends in the process. Even better, when I took my old battery back to my good friend Carol at Napa Auto Parts and she was able to confirm that my old battery was still under warranty and gave me partial refund. Of course, while there, I got to catch up with Carol too.

I am grateful that my truck broke down and I was able to make some new friends and reconnect with an old one.

The Benefits Of Building Relationships

Have you heard the quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”? Guess what, no one is going to do business with you, or at least not the kind of business that you want just to make you successful, until they know, like and trust you.

Slow down, stop selling and turn off your radar. By radar I mean that bad habit of only listening for the buying signals. How can you do this? I remember a sales training course I took almost 30 years ago in which they taught us to work every time we meet someone to ask questions until we can find things we like about them. Talk less about work and more about what they do when they are not working, who is important in their lives and what their goals and dreams are. How do you feel when someone takes the time to get to know you like this?

This plays into two other conversations I have often with coaching clients. First the belief that price is the most important buying decision for their clients. Getting to know people on a deeper level like this is one way to overcome this. If you stop and reflect in all of your own purchases you will probably find several examples in which you yourself will pay more or accept less because of your relationship with the provider. The second area is the whole teaching around “closing the deal”. Oh man, when I was in automotive sales I heard every horrible sneaky twisted way you could imagine of how to close the deal. Many salespeople have earned their bad reputation. I have learned that when you really get to know the person you are talking with the sales process becomes more of a conversation. This can move you into a position of simply being a form of a partner with them and things like price become less important and the need to push them is drastically reduced.

Make it a habit. How can you do that? One way might be to write out your sales process and creates steps like first just connecting with them, second getting to know them, third meet at their place and then on the fourth of fifth contact finally allowing yourself to talk to them about what you do.  Even easier, make yourself a cheat sheet of 5 questions that have nothing to do with business that you are going to ask each new person you meet.

If you have other ways that work for you, please share them with me.

Beat Your Competition or Achieve Your Goals?

I have read and listened to a lot of advice about crushing, outwitting and generally focusing on your competition. I have also observed a lot of really successful people and have come to the conclusion that focusing on competition is generally an all-around negative exercise.

While I think it can be productive to explore what others in your market are doing or not doing, comparing yourself to them and trying to beat them is counterproductive. What are you going to beat them at your goal or their goal? Their ultimate goals are probably completely different. Are you goals a first place trophy or are you goals focused on what you want in your life?

No one can do what you do like you do it, has the same knowledge and experience that you do or has the same goals that you do. Do they? Work harder at being you, be awesome at being you and you will separate yourself from what you think is your competition. You have no competition.

Who is the greatest football player ever? I don’t even know where to start with the answer to that one. Who was the greatest offensive player and who was the defensive player? That starts generate some thoughts. Who was the greatest running quarterback, short yardage running back, open field tackler……. Get the idea? How many successful football players created their own “Best”?

What goal will you give your best focus?

Goals and Prospective

And just like that another year has gone. It’s this time every year that I find myself in amazement of how at the beginning of the year, a year seems like such a long time and how at the end of the year, a year seems like it went by in the blink of an eye.

My year was full of adventures! The biggest thing for me, I got married! I had some great vacations and good times and in business, I went through some major changes and learned a ton. It’s crazy how much my prospective, ideas and goals have changed. WOW! If you haven’t, scroll back through your calendar for the year. I mean it’s only been a year but when I look back I can’t believe all that I have done, how much was accomplished and how much I was able to change in such a short time.

So how I am going to make 2019 event better! The biggest thing for me this year is to waste less time. I have spoke a lot of about time management. It has really become a huge part of my life. I am learning that there is time that I must dedicate to work and all things related to that and there is time that I must dedicate to family, friends and myself and that is equally if not more important. I have also learned that I spend a lot of time doing neither. It would be easy to argue that this “nothing” time is the time that I need to relax, refresh, etc. but I don’t think it really accomplishes any of those. It’s just time wasted. I am learning about what things really help me relax, make me feel fulfilled and which things are just occupying my time – usually because I am not doing a good job of managing my time!

Setting Up An Exciting 2019

I am just overwhelmed right now with all of the learning that I am doing. I am currently meeting with two different business coaches each week as well as with several different WAM members to better define what we are, who we help, how we do it and what we want to accomplish next year and the years to come.

I come out of each of these meetings more and more excited. I have a much better explanation of what WAM is. We are a mastermind organization of professionals who gather in mastermind meetings to help each other with new ideas, solutions to challenges, introductions to strategic partners and MORE. On our plate for next year is even more meetings that as of now I am calling Pop Up Meetings. These will include things like last month’s panel discussion on W2 employees vs 1099 contractors and the  “Work From Home Like A Boss” presentation with Chris Harris and my own Time Management workshops.

We are also going to introduce some subject or situation based mastermind meetings and would like your input. Member or not, who would you like to sit at the table with and what would you like to talk about? Write me at and let me know how we could best help you.

This month’s training focus has been on Giving and I have to share how much I have enjoyed listening to all of the stories and testimonials of the amazing things that our members have done to help each other. You never know how much your ideas, input, suggestions and experience affect the people your sharing it with. Keep up the good work!

Time Is Money

Each day while I was on this last trip, as I do on any trip, I took a little time each day to check my emails, voicemails, etc. For many I was able to send a quick response letting them know when I would follow up further and some items I had to take care of. I remember last year when on the cruise ship with friends many were shocked that I bought the internet package and did the same there. The general consensus was that I did not know how to relax or was addicted to work.

Is this a sign? When I got to Iowa there was no snow on the ground and there was about 9 inches when I left. I come back to Virginia and now we have our first real of the season. Hopefully, I just need to pay more attention to when I schedule my trips!

I find that neither of those are true. Studying this has actually helped me to realize again how fortunate I am. I don’t stress about my work like so many people do. I don’t stress about life like so many do. Disconnecting myself for an entire week and coming home to overloaded inboxes and overwhelming things to do lists, that would stress me out!

That’s a lot and there is no one specific message here but I hope it helps some of you sort it out and see a different perspective for yourself or someone else.

Digging deeper I also realize again that as an entrepreneur my personal and business lives more entangled with each other than many folks in more traditional positions. If I check my Facebook am I most likely going to deal with something business related at the same time, my friends are often my clients and just about everyone I have hired is a friend.

Walter Cornett, My Success Is Your Success

Priorities and Perspective

Writing to you from the farm in Persia, Iowa. While visiting my Mother, I had an opportunity to spend an evening in the local bar with many of the local townsfolk. How refreshing! I spend most of my time in the city with all of it’s hustle and bustle and the rest of the chaos of the business rat race.

Yesterday evening, I got to sit with some of the most down to earth folks. They talked all about the corn and soy forecasts and the woes of cattle farming. I got a crash course on tractors before the libations began to kick in and the stories of the people and the local history began.

I heard the story of a man who had lived for over 90 years without ever traveling more than 60 miles away, the couples married since their teens and I really enjoyed how they talked of all of their family that are all still around them. When the topics of the things not so pleasant, like the family with a son addicted to drugs, the illnesses, the financial problems from a bad season, etc. these were all met with a very calming shift to the positives, thankfulness and appreciation for all that is good.

I really wish I could have taken some pictures from in the bar but I didn’t want to be the out of place city slicker. It has helped me a little bit to once again try to make sure that I focus on what is most important in life, to surround myself with open and real people and to always be thankful and show appreciative for all that I have.

Happy Holidays to you all

Walter Cornett


We ALL Need Helpers

It was great to spend some time just relaxing with friends and family. It also gave me the opportunity to spend some time reflecting.

I am constantly working on myself, my goals and the path on which I am following. I also make sure that I have people in my life that I can talk to in order to help me through all of this. Whether it’s accountability partners, friends in business, family or mentors, it’s important to me to seek advice and input from them. It’s from a business coach I had almost 10 years ago that much of the direction of which I took my last business. Who do you go to for help?

Now, I enjoy helping others find their direction. It is incredibly gratifying to help someone else better understand where they are and to help them find new direction and a better path. After so many years of only seeking advice I am now thankful to be able to share it.

Have fun, seek help and share your experiences with other.

Walter Cornett
My Success Is Your Success

Gratitude and Giving

The holidays are here! I do hope that everyone is able to enjoy some quality time with family and friends this Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to multiple visits, family drives and good times.

With so much focus time, money and success its not always so easy to slow down and take time to reflect on all that we should be thankful for. I’m glad that we have a holiday just for this purpose. I look forward to seeing a lot of social media post filled with thankful and appreciative messages and family pictures.

Let’s all take a moment and see if we can give someone else something to be thankful for. Be aware of those that may not have anywhere to go or anyone to spend thanksgiving with and spend some time with them. If you can’t do it on Thanksgiving day, you have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make it happen!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Walter Cornett,
My success is your success!