Taking care of yourself vs. taking care of your business

There are a lot of similarities in taking care of your business and taking care of yourself.

One is the value of tracking things. In business, it’s much easier to make sound decisions if you have the necessary data needed. If you want to eat healthier, figure out how different exercises and different experiences affect you, tracking these things is important. How do you track things? For me, a big one is my calendar. Recently, I have begun trying to add to it what I eat so I can start watching for trends and habits that I want to change.

Another is accountability. Often a little easier personally, getting people to exercise with me, asking for support in changing habits, etc. These are equally valuable in business but for some reason it doesn’t come as easy. It often just feels awkward. Do you like having others to help hold you accountable?

One more is just good tips and ideas to improve. Someone recently referred to them as “hacks”. A good hack I learned that is helping me personally is to pack a snack bag every day. I am now shopping for healthy snacks, filling up my bag daily and am enjoying being able to snack throughout the day. This has really helped me in reducing my portion sizes as I’m not so hungry when I sit down for the regular meals. I have received countless personal and business hacks in our WAM! Meetings! 

Keep at it! I hope each of these tips inches you closer to your success.