The People I know who receive the most referrals, don’t ask for referrals.

The people I know who receive the most referrals, don’t ask for referrals. The people I know who receive the most referrals, don’t ask for referrals.

I wrote it twice on purpose. Take a moment and ask yourself how that is possible. Think a minute about the last person you gave a referral to. Not a lead, but an actual prepared and pre qualified referral for someone. Did that someone have to ask you to give that referral or did you do it for other reasons.

My experience is that when given the opportunity to refer someone I want to do the best job I can do in referring them. I want to refer them to the person I think is going to best serve them. Often, this person is not in my immediate circle and I even refer people that I don’t even like very much. Why would I do that? If that referral is the best person for the job and I want to truly help the person in front of me, then it’s the best decision.

Are you the person I should be referring my friend to? I bet a whole bunch of people reading this answered quickly and with a “yes”. What makes you the best? Does your answer truly separate you from your competition? In most cases, it doesn’t. If your answer centers around the best customer service that might be work if my friend is looking for the provider that offers the best customer service. I was speaking with a loan officer recently and they were explaining to me how great they are at closing on time. I think I shocked them when I responded that, closing on time, was not a concern of mine.

I had a friend recently ask me to help them find a realtor. I ask my friend what they were trying to accomplish, what type of home it was, where the home was located, etc. I found that they were selling an 80’s built home with some minor issues, that was located in western Hanover and that they had already worked with a couple different realtors. I am close with a lot of realtors and want to help them all but I instantly remembered one realtor who has shared with me on multiple occasions that they specialized in helping clients sell mid-range homes in the Hanover and New Kent areas after they had already worked with other realtors. WAM! I felt that they were the perfect fit for my friend and made the referral.

There are a lot of moving parts and pieces to this but once you figure it out, it actually becomes much simpler and much more effective. Come sit at our table, brainstorm with us and see what WAM! is all about.