Time Is Money

Each day while I was on this last trip, as I do on any trip, I took a little time each day to check my emails, voicemails, etc. For many I was able to send a quick response letting them know when I would follow up further and some items I had to take care of. I remember last year when on the cruise ship with friends many were shocked that I bought the internet package and did the same there. The general consensus was that I did not know how to relax or was addicted to work.

Is this a sign? When I got to Iowa there was no snow on the ground and there was about 9 inches when I left. I come back to Virginia and now we have our first real of the season. Hopefully, I just need to pay more attention to when I schedule my trips!

I find that neither of those are true. Studying this has actually helped me to realize again how fortunate I am. I don’t stress about my work like so many people do. I don’t stress about life like so many do. Disconnecting myself for an entire week and coming home to overloaded inboxes and overwhelming things to do lists, that would stress me out!

That’s a lot and there is no one specific message here but I hope it helps some of you sort it out and see a different perspective for yourself or someone else.

Digging deeper I also realize again that as an entrepreneur my personal and business lives more entangled with each other than many folks in more traditional positions. If I check my Facebook am I most likely going to deal with something business related at the same time, my friends are often my clients and just about everyone I have hired is a friend.

Walter Cornett, My Success Is Your Success