We strive to make you feel SAFE at our WAM! Meetings

Huge shoutout to one of our newest members, Nhat Pham. He did a masterful job of presenting me with some great questions and helped me to arrive at one of those awesome acronyms to better summarize WAM!

SAFE is our new acronym for Support, Accountability, Feedback and Education. It is also a word that represents the atmosphere at our tables of peers, a safe place in which you can open up and share in a judgement free space full of people there to help you. 

A big part people don’t often realize when they are going out on their own is the support they need from others who are doing or have done the same. There are a lot of negative nannies out there so sitting at the table with people who get it can be extremely valuable.

When you are out on your own and don’t have a boss looming over your shoulder or you’re trying to do things that don’t come naturally to you, having like minded people to help hold you accountable can be the tool that makes sure you get it done. 

How do you know if your good idea is really a good one? Are you struggling with something but can’t figure out why? Do you wish you had a team of people who could offer you the feedback you need in order to answer these questions? One of the many great things about a peer to peer meeting is the feedback you can receive when you ask for it.

Education comes in many forms. I can’t think of a time I attended a WAM! meeting that I didn’t come away with at minimum some tidbit of value. Some of the biggest changes I have made in my life and business started just by sitting at our table exchanging experiences and sharing the knowledge that everyone has. 

You’re going to see a lot more about SAFE in the near future. Thank you Nhat.