What Is A Strategic Partner In Business?

If we are talking about new business development I define a strategic partner as one of who can, on regular basis and ongoing, provide you with pre-qualified referrals.

Not everyone is a good strategic partner for you. As much as you may develop a deep and caring relationship with someone, as much as you may teach them about what you do and how they can refer someone to you, if they don’t have the regular opportunity to engage with your potential clients about what you do the number of times they will be able to help you is limited.

Identify your target clients and seek out people that are already having conversations with your target clients about something close enough to what you are doing or offering that they will be able to easily bring you into that conversation.

Just as so many are asking for referrals from people who rarely have the opportunity, they are also not completing the steps completely build the strategic partnerships. Being introduced to a good strategic partner is the first step in what can be many. In essence, each of you needs to train the other to be salespeople for each other. The more and better your strategic understands what you are offering the better they can qualify and prepare the client before they pass them along.

Can you imagine having people coming to pre-qualified and ready to buy? Can you imagine this happening regularly without having to constantly seek out new clients?

This will be our training focus for the month of March. I hope you will be able to participate in some our meetings and contribute to some great conversations and they we may help you too.