What is your 10 year Goal?

What can goal setting do for you? I recently met with a client who was pretty unhappy with where she was in her job situation, felt like she hadn’t accomplished anything and frustrated because she just didn’t know where she was going.

Together we were able to create a ten year goal that she is now very excited about. At first, a ten year goal seemed like an eternity but a few exercises with her and now she is completely on board. She didn’t have a lot of patience, so we broke her goal down into multiple daily activities that she is committed to achieving, each of them is another step toward her long range goal.

Envisioning herself achieving this goal ten years from now we were also able to turn a lot of the negatives and road blocks that she was seeing into simply steps along the path. This part was actually a great reminder to me as well. It’s hard when we live in a society that seems to encourage a habit of focusing on what is bad, what we don’t have and the need for instant gratification. I realized this a while ago and have been on a path myself of focusing on the positive and making sure I appreciate what and who I have. It has already been working and this reminder will only help me with it even more.

So, what can goal setting and planning do for you? It can help you to focus, feel more achieved, give you more patience and make you happier. I hope this helps you.