Your Personal Development

It’s a new month and with that comes a new topic of discussion. This month’s topic is Your Personal Development. The healthier you are physically and mentally the better you are going to be at everything you do. That makes sense doesn’t it?

If that’s the case, how come most people do basically the opposite? I don’t know many possible answers there are to this but with all of them that I have heard I see them related in one way, prioritization. This is a big part of what we cover in the time management workshops we host.

When your scheduling your calendar, what do you schedule first? What would happen if you started the scheduling of your calendar first with the things that you want to do in order to help yourself personally. That could be things like exercising, reading, working on your hobby, meditating, etc. Schedule those things that are going to make you stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. 

Next schedule time to work on your relationships. This could be date nights, visiting family or just hanging out with friends. We all need good strong relationships and they certainly worth investing time into them.

But I have so much work to do! Do you want to be the rich person who can barely walk, is always grumpy and has no friends? For the most part we have taught for years now that business comes first. We will move or eliminate time for ourselves and for our relationships because of work. Right? However, there are things on our calendar that we don’t make exceptions for; think about them.

You have been waiting for three months for your appointment with this specialist and now a client calls with an emergency, what do you do? You figure out a way to make your appointment and take care of that client. What if you simply start prioritizing your scheduled appointments with yourself, your family and your friends like you prioritized that appointment with that specialist? 

Just some food for thought. Do you have any good tips or hacks that could help others in this area and others? Visit one of our WAM! Meetings and see how you can help others and maybe pick up a few things along the way to help you as well.

In addition, check out the events section and read about the Time Management Workshop on February 19th.